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Building construction is the process of creating structures such as houses,

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Building construction is the process of creating structures such as houses,

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Building construction is the process of creating structures such as houses,

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Building construction is the process of creating structures such as houses,

Elevate Your Construction Experience: Sree Sitarama Agencies

SREE SITARAMA AGENCIES is located in the city of Visakhapatnam – the city of destiny .The city is on the eastern coast of India.The city has tremendous growth potential and has a very good educational and Industrial infrastructure.Of Late, the prominence of this city is growing in Construction (Fly overs, Industries, Building i.e. Apartments and multi Shopping Complex’s). The vision 2020 drafted by the government of Andhra Pradesh marks this city as the future Economic Capital of the state. The city is well linked by air and railway services to every part of the country. The city has high potential and surplus labor to meet the needs of the Constructioanl industry. Given such a good potential and very good infrastructural backup to the city, expect the construction industry to boom in the coming future, which is just round the corner. We strongly believe in the aggressiveness of young blood and the wisdom of the experienced people for growth of the organisation. We have made a concious effort to build a small team to extraordinarily gifted professional; each among the very best in his or her profession.the firm maintains a constant watch for true super – specialists who might significantly add to the firm’s capabilities. Having been promoted by a young and Entrepreneurs,

Sree Sitarama Agencies backed up by talented young Hardworking people, as well as experienced Professionals in the fields of Marketing, Finance and Management & Administration.  What we believe in is the growth and development of the Organization within the values and ethics lay down by our promoters. The present scenario is very competitive. Only the wise and brave will find a foot hold in the industry. Our promoters had this in their minds while framing the ideals and the values incorporating the mission of the organization.

About the Organization:

Sree Sitarama Agencies has a long and rich history of well over a century starting in 1856’ in Anakapalli by our forefathers. The firm’s base was shifted to Vizag in 1962’bu our Grandfather Late Sri. PALURI NARAYANA MURTHY.Our ‘PALURI’ banner

relation and faith with the public/market is tremendous, (suppliers, wholesalers, retailers, bankers Customers, etc.). We have a Robust and widespread network in the three districts of Visakhapatnam.

Organization Mission:



The responsibility is creating value for this we strive to adept global practices and the best of industry standards.The VALUE is state of mind, which differs from customer to customer. This phenomenon is recognized and is taken care. Employee for an integral part of the company. Their well being is our well being. Thus we strive to be an equal opportunity employer and provide an environment where every one can develop his/her maximum potential.

Finally we believe profit equals the service and risk. Thus we strive to be a highly profitable company which is an opportunity for growth

Sree Sitarama Agencies invasions of being a one-stop solution for all the Constructional Services not only in the three districts but the whole of Andhra Pradesh. We also want to make bulk purchases of upcoming cement companies like

  1. Lafarge India Ltd. (International Company)

  2. Zuvari Cements Ltd., (Vishnu & Zuvari brands)

  3.  Penna Cements Ltd

Quality Policy:

Quality is something that, if a true and united effort is made is never out of reach. At Sree Sitarama Agencies quality is not a static benchmark but a dynamic norm that is progressively scaled up and aspired to be attained. Management is totally committed to achieving the best quality system by providing the necessary resources, setting short-term and long-term goals, and maintaining our leadership through customer focus.

  • By providing the customers with high-quality/quantity Construction and Building materials and Construction-related services.

  • Adopting defect prevention as a culture across the organization, leading to continuous improvement in the Construction Industry.

  • By empowering our people at all levels to ensure the involvement of individuals in business development.


Our Organization:

C & F agents (Transport contractors) for

  • Zuvari Cements Ltd.,


     Stockists for:


  • Zuari Cements Ltd.,

  • The Ramco Cement Ltd.,

  • Chettinad cement

  • Deccan Cements Ltd.,

  • Ultratech Cement Ltd.,

  • Sagar Cements Ltd.,

  • Nagarjuna cements ltd

  • Thoshali cement ltd

  • Srichakra cements ltd

  • JK White Cement works

  • Dulux paints